M4U Security System

Visitor Management System


Easy to manage and view the visitors entry of the day. The security guard can register manually for walk-in or by vehicle visitors. All visitors' time-in and time-out will be recorded. 


Parcel Collection

Allow security guard to receive parcel on behalf of the resident. Alert notification with a QR code will be send to the resident. Before hand over the said parcel to the resident, the security guard has to verify the OR code!



In Case of Emergency, a simple touch on the SOS button can easily alert security for help and notify your immediate family members instantly. It is simple and safe.



Security guards can call committee members through intercom to report status. They can also notify the residents and get confirmation of visitors arrival.


Log List

Security guard is able to trace the history from the Log-List Button.


Visitor Pre-Registration 

Residents can do pre-register for their guests and send QR Code for easy access and save time.

Visitor Parking Monitoring

The security guard monitors and records  every visitor parking availability to avoid any parking problem


Important Number

Security guards can directly call the important contact, eg. police station or fire station. 


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