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Security Visitor Management System Malaysia

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Are you thinking about improving the security of your gated and guarded residential community, gated condominiums and apartments? Go for the Security Visitor Management System Malaysia, QR code visitor management system Malaysia, security guard management system Malaysia and VMS management system Malaysia to make your communities/premises more secured and safe. The M4U Home Security System which includes the Visitor Management System (VMS), is a user-friendly system that helps you or the management office to monitor and track any visitors or guests to your condo, apartment etc. It keeps track of anyone visiting your condo, apartment etc., starting from guests, and relatives to maids, cleaners, vendors and contractors.

Every-so-often, we believe that our home is not at risk and do not pay much attention to security systems. But security threats can arise at any time, and the M4U Home Security-Visitor Management System (VMS) can help keep you and your family members safe and secure.

Why is a Security Visitor Management System Beneficial for Condos & Apartments?

Most high-rise condominiums and service apartments are gated communities that welcome many visitors throughout the day. It’s rather difficult and time consuming for the security guard to check each and every visitor, check their entry and exits manually. The security guard needs to call the condo/apartment owner/resident to verify the visitor to let them in. Therefore, it is important to have a security visitor management system, VMS management system, visitor management app or QR code visitor management system that can effectively track, monitor visitors to the gated communities.

Whenever a visitor arrives or leaves the community, the related resident will receive instant notification via our M4U Home Mobile App, which is available at Google play store, Huawei AppGallery and Apple App store. The system also helps prevent the entry of strangers. In case of a threat or in danger, just trigger the SOS button in the M4U Home mobile app, the security guards will automatically be alerted and come for help/rescue.

Security visitor management system Malaysia assists security guards in tracking visitors in and out from the apartment or condominium, along with the purpose of their visit. This system maintains a database of all past visitors’ traffic. Complete records of visitor data for any given time frame can be easily referred to in case of any problems or conflicts. The JMB and management office can use the M4U Home Security visitor management system (VMS), QR code visitor management system Malaysia, VMS system Malaysia or VMS management system Malaysia to create a multiple entries QR code for regular maid, cleaner or contractor’s worker. While a single entry QR code for visitor. It’s hassle free, convenient and secure.

Kindly visit M4U Home System at for more information about our security visitor management system-VMS and other services. You are welcome to request a demo of M4U Home Security Visitor Management System-VMS. Please browse through and “Like” M4U Home Facebook for more updates.

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact them at 1700 816 687 or chat on WhatsApp with +6012-429 8385. Their sales team is glad to serve and assist you. Thank you.

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