Management Office System

Resident Feedback Management

This function helps the management office to keep track of residents’ feedback. Easy to monitor the progress and updating status accordingly.


Auto Billing

Management is able to generate invoices and send to all residents through a click! Reducing costs while saving the environment!


Property Management

Management office can create and update residents details as well as mobile access for them.


Notice Board

Management office can save cost & time to print and pin it on the notice board. Our system can generate notice and published to all residents or selected blocks only with just a simple click!


Staff Management

Our App is able to update Management office’s staff too! Hence allowing easy recognition between office staff & residents. 


Committee Members Management

The management office can update the current year committee members' information and notify every resident.


Parking Lot Management

  • Easy to locate parking lot for the resident.

  • Easy to manage visitor's & rental parking lot status.

Facilities Booking Management

Management office can set the facilities booking's Rules & Regulations. Able to manage the booking status, either approve or reject. Instantly update all residents when certain facility is under maintenance.


Security Management

To create a safer and protective living environment, the management office able monitors and keeps track of visitors' records.


With this function, the management office will process immediately about  residents' application. ie: facilities booking, renovation or complaint.


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