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Property Accounting System

Property Accounting System

A powerful tool for efficiently managing  financial operations, gaining valuable insights, and ensuring accurate and timely reporting, ultimately leading to better-informed decision-making and financial success.

Feature Highlights:

General Ledger

Accurate recording of all financial transactions related to the property. It provides a comprehensive financial history and a centralized view of the property's financial health.


Trial Balance

Ensures that the accounting records are in balance, helping to identify errors and discrepancies before generating financial statements. This helps maintain data accuracy.


P&L Statement & Balance Sheet

Provide insights into the property's profitability and overall financial position. Property owners and managers can use these statements to make informed decisions about the property's financial strategy and management.


Late Payment Interest


Ability to calculate and apply late payment interest automatically ensures that compensated for late payments, which can be a significant source of income.


Fixed Assets

Tracking and managing fixed assets within the property, such as equipment and furnishings, helps ensure accurate financial reporting and depreciation calculations.


Cash and Bank


Properly managing cash and bank accounts is crucial for maintaining liquidity and tracking the property's financial resources.


Receivables & Pay Bills


Managing receivables and payables efficiently helps ensure that payments are collected on time and that expenses are paid promptly, which contributes to cash flow management.


Batch Invoice Upload to M4U Home System

Simplifies the process of uploading invoices and financial data into the M4U Home System, reducing manual data entry and potential errors.


House Unit and Share Unit Setup


Managing house and share units within the system enables accurate tracking of income, expenses, and ownership details for each unit, making it easier to manage multiple units within a property.

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