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Apartment Management System Malaysia

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

As our Government has announced that all economic activities are allowed to operate in Phase 3 of Malaysia’s National Recovery Plan (August 2021) with standard of operation (SOP), there are a few new high-rise condominiums, apartments and landed terrace housing developers, issuing notice for delivery of vacant possession (VP) and handling over units keys to their respective purchasers at their management office. Hence there are great opportunities for the property managers or joint management body (JMB) to manage these new apartments, condominiums and gated and guarded residential communities.

M4U Home System - Your Best Partner in a Smart Community

A comprehensive cloud-based property, residential management system and patrolling system in Malaysia. M4U Home system provides convenience and security to high-rise condominiums, apartments and a variety of landed gated and guarded communities in Malaysia.

In the past, Management Corporation (MC)/JMB had problems on the collection of building maintenance charges plus sinking funds. The feedback from the residents were they had not received their bills, bills were missing in the mailbox and some residents had changed their billing address without informing the MC/JMB that they had moved-out and rented their units to their tenants. All these problems can be solved by Auto Billing; one of the features in the M4U Home system covered in the management office system.

M4U Home System Features:-

M4U Home system integrated features for all parties in a residential community. These parties are the Residents, the Management office and the Security guards. While in the Management office System, the features are listed below:-

Resident Feedback Management

Receive residents’ feedback /complaints on time, immediately review, response and updates the related issues status raised by the residents. The status can be pending, in-progress or resolved. Management can upload complaints and feedback photographs using M4U Home system; as well as print and download reports, if required.

Property Management

MC manages and records residents’ profiles/data in a proper and systematic way. Easy to retrieve and update residents profiles, if there are any changes and additional information. In this system, owners/residents data cannot be deleted but to disable or under inactive status, like the tenant.

Property manager can control and monitor easily via a single login if he has more than one property to manage. Use M4U Home system to generate summary reports in CSV file format.

Auto Billing

Through auto billing, management office can generate batch invoices; automate tracking and payment reminders to all residents via M4U Home mobile App.

Residents just login to M4U Home mobile app to check their monthly maintenance bills / invoices. M4U Home mobile app is available at the Apple app store, Google play store while for Huawei smartphone users; they can download it at AppGallery.

Hence, there are no issue of missing bills and bills not received. Auto billing saves printing, posting and labour costs besides delivering a fast and efficient billing system.

Payment Management

The management will either issue a debit note or a credit note after renovation has been completed. M4U Home system accepts payment through FPX gateway for maintenance bill payments, which is very convenient for all residents to settle their monthly maintenance bills/invoices.

The system will automatically generate official receipts once payments are made via FPX payment gateway. Records can be deleted in the pen and logbook conventional way but not M4U Home system. It is because all bills generated by the system cannot be deleted other than cancelled.

Notice Board

During the process of VP and hand over keys to every owners/residents, there will be many announcements, notifications, standard of operations (SOP) to follow especially when residents wish to use the condominium’s/community’s facilities, rules and regulations to be adhered by owners/residents for any design and renovation.

Pertaining to the above mentioned matters, the management creates all the necessary announcements and notifications under the M4U Home management office system, publishes and sends out to all owners/residents. The entire community will receive the said announcements and notices anytime anywhere. So, there will be no more issues that the announcements and notices may not be able to pass to every resident in the community. If the management wishes to publish one particular notice to only one selected block, the system can do so. Use M4U Home management office system to upload jpeg or PDF. It’s simple and straightforward.

Facilities Booking Management

The facilities booking rules & regulations are set by the Management office. Handling and manage the facilities booking status, either approve or reject. Instantly update residents about certain facility is under maintenance and it is closed, for example; the swimming pool.

Facilities booking which require deposits can be monitored easily, for instance, if a deposit is not received within the time frame set by the management, the related facility like the badminton court, will be automatically re-open to other applicants. (residents)

Parking Lots Management

Every owner/resident has their own parking lots in the community parking areas. Monitor and ensure that residents are parking at their respective parking lots, to avoid any argument among residents. Manage visitors’ parking to ensure a secure parking environment. Update and manage rental parking lots status accordingly.

Committee Members Management

The management is able to update the current year committee members' profiles and information. Any newly appointed or resignation of committee members, the residents will be notified, so that residents are aware of the changes of Committee members in their community.

Staff Management

New office staff and profile picture will be updated at the M4U Home web portal by the management. The system is able to set the user-based access level on their job responsibilities.


With this function, management office will process residents’ renovation application, complaint and facilities booking immediately. Residents will receive instant notification whenever management has published announcements and notices. While visitors check-in and check-out of the community, the host (residents) will get notification as well.

Security Management

Tightening and maintaining the community’s security at all times, to deter crime and illegal activities. Thus makes the community a safe place to live for all residents. On the other hand, creates a good image of the residential property and increases tenancy rate for those who bought the property for investment purposes.

The security guards’ contact numbers are listed in the system. The management can trace and follow up the SOS report from the system.

Secondly, M4U Home Resident System:-

Residents are able to perform their daily chores/tasks through the M4U Home mobile app; anytime anywhere. These features are:-

Notice Board

Residents receive real-time notification whenever management publishes announcement via their mobile phones at any time and anywhere. No issue of missing out any important announcement anymore.

Important Numbers

All emergency contacts like Ambulance, Hospitals, Fire (Bomba), Police Station nearby and etc., are in the M4U Home app. Besides, there are vendors’ contacts too. It’s hassle free, fast and convenient for all residents in the community.


Renovation application, car sticker or access card/RFID can be done via M4U Home mobile app. Residents do not require to walk-in or physically present at the management office to apply renovation. In those days, residents have to apply their annual leave to perform such matters.


All condominium’s / community’s facilities are shown in the app and SOP to adhere during post pandemic. Residents are able to check the availability of all the facilities and book them anytime anywhere via the app. Residents can book the facilities according the available slot. Thus save residents’ time to wait for their turns to use the facilities and also avoid unnecessary disappointments.


View monthly invoices and payment status in real-time. Residents can now make payment through FPX payment gateway (charges incurred is borne by JMB/MC/RA-Residents’ Association). Gone were those days, residents need to walk-in to Management office to make cash / cheque payment / online transfer to settle their maintenance bills every month. Following that, the residents need to wait for their receipts to be generated by the management staff. For now, it is so convenient and hassle free.


Residents send feedback or file a complaint to management office via M4U Home mobile app, as well as checking the status or progress of the feedback or complaint sent at their convenience, anytime anywhere.


If residents wish to invite their friends to celebrate housewarming or a party, residents can send the event link to their guests and the guests need to fill up their particulars and QR code will be automatically generated follows the limitation setting by the residents. It may save the residents’ time to create one by one.

The residents can also pre-register their visitors/guests through M4U Home mobile app which is valid for a single time entry. Just fill in your visitor name, purpose of visit, date and arrival time. The system will notify you that the invitation has been successfully saved. You can proceed to share this invitation link to your visitor and a QR code will then be provided to your visitor for check-in purposes. Scanning QR code for entry supersedes the trouble of queuing and waiting at the guard house.

Security Guard

The residents can now view their community security guards’ profile at a glance in the M4U Home mobile app. Thus enable the residents to identify them easily and quickly.

Committee Members

Residents can view at the app, who is the chairman and who are the committee members of the community at a glance.

Support / Service

Conveniently search for service providers and their contact numbers, located nearby the community at M4U Home mobile app. It does help residents in one way or another.

Third one is the M4U Security System - whereby it consists of the following functions aim to protect and secure the residents and the residential property from any harm and threat. You may click this link for more information at

Visitor Management System (VMS)

Manage and monitor every visitor entry and exit the community. All visitors check-in and check-out times are recorded in the system. No more paperwork for visitors’ registration.

Control the access to residential buildings, corporate office buildings within the property to keeping owners, residents and tenants’ safe and unwanted visitors out. The Visitor Management system (VMS) will notify the hosts when the visitors completed their check-in process via QR code scanning. Be caution and alert for people with multiple entries QR code, example contractor’s workers, cleaners, etc. to prevent trespasser enters the community.

A simple QR code scan for check-in/sign-in, gives your visitors an excellent first impression.

Pre-Registered Visitors

If a visitor is pre-registered; it will efficiently lessen their check-in time and reduce traffic congestion at the guardhouse. Notification of visitors’ arrival and departure are automatically send to residents via M4U Home mobile app. The visitors / guests will be pleased and relief for a hassle-free and fast access into the community.


Security guard uses intercom to verify with residents when residents’ guest has arrived. Residents also can intercom security guard, if it’s a wrong visitor. Use Intercom to communicate with residents and vice versa for fast and quick answer and response.

Visitor Parking Monitoring

Manage visitor parking lots availability to avoid frustration among visitors, residents or tenants.

The security guard monitors and records every visitor parking availability to avoid any parking problem. This gives visitors hassle free and convenience when searching for parking in the community while paying a visit.

Overstay Visitor Monitoring

It is regulated by the management SOP, which visitors are not allow to overstay at the community. Use M4U Security system, the security guard on duty can easily monitor and track how long a visitor is staying in the premise and give advice accordingly.

SOS Alert

In an emergency situation or in danger, just trigger the SOS button in the M4U Home mobile app, the security guards at the guard house will automatically be alerted and come for help and rescue. At the same time M4U Security system will notify your family members and neighbours that you have set, so that they can contact you and render assistance promptly.

Important Numbers

The important contacts numbers like the Fire (Bomba), Ambulance, Police station, Hospitals and etc. are available in the web portal and mobile app. Hence, save residents time to search for such contact numbers when in an event of emergency.

Parcel Collection

Security guards receive parcels on behalf of residents who are not around in the community. The system generates a tracking QR code for the related recipients (i.e. the residents) to claim their parcels at the guard house later. Security guard keeps proper records, sorting and tidy up the collected parcels to avoid given wrong parcels to the respective residents.


Security guards patrol each block in the community/premise using an NFC (near field communication) enabled Android mobile phones. The Management assigns patrolling schedules for the security guards to patrol. The security guards are required to tag all assigned patrolling checkpoints with the NFC tag. The Management staff can monitor and view their patrolling in real time at M4U Home System web portal. They can generate monthly patrol reports and incident reports based on real data.

Log List

The M4U Security system enables security guards to trace the history of visitors checked-in and checked-out and calls (intercom) from the Log-List Button. It is simple, just click on the button will do.

About Us

Manage 4 U Sdn Bhd is a service provider for property and residential management solution has tailored a system named M4U Home System. M4U Home System is a smart and user-friendly community platform to facilitate the property managers and Joint Management Body (JMB) to easily manage, communicate effectively and efficiently among residents, management office and security guards.

M4U Home system is equipped with a mobile App, named M4U Home mobile app, comes with visitor management system, security management system, management office and residents’ system; and many other useful features to benefit and protect the modern communities and to ease the daily routine matters with the management office, security guards, the committee members, etc. We also aim to establish a much-connected community or neighborhood to pave the way for residents and JMB to accomplish a safer and empowering community.

We are looking forward to work with all property managers or JMB to take their residential communities to the next level, as we are all living in an advanced technology era of today.

M4U Home system has been introduced and taken up by communities across Klang Valley. Kindly visit and feel free to browse through our website at, where there are testimonials/ feedback from our clients. Property managers or JMB/MC are welcome to request FREE Demo and M4U sales teams are glad to present. Their website is at Please browse through and “Like” M4U Home Facebook for more updates.

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact them at 1700 816 687 or chat on WhatsApp with +6012-429 8385. Their sales team is glad to serve and assist you. Thank you.

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