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Visitor Management System Malaysia

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

What is a Visitor Management System (VMS) ?

A Visitor Management System (VMS) or M4U visitor management system Malaysia refers as a structure to keep track of visitor’s activities in a premise like residency condominium, apartment, etc.

The M4U Home Visitor management system Malaysia provides the necessary output and information to the users and records the visitors’ check-in & check-out time, date of visit and contact information. This safe entry visitor management system Malaysia (VMS) also capable to streamline the registration process and provide an authentic and integrated data of the visitors.

Safe entry visitor management system Malaysia or visitor management system Malaysia is quickly becoming the most popular form of visitor management. It is a comprehensive solution to managing anyone within a residential community at any given time complete with a record of events. It strengthens security and helps to keep everyone in our community safe anytime.

The System Features of the M4U Home Visitor Management System Malaysia are significant to its overall function.

1. Visitor Pre-Registration (QR Code)

To Pre-Register visitor to your unit to allow entry for your visitor.

2. Single Entry QR

As the Anti-Passback.

3. Multiple Entry QR

Suitable for contractors, cleaners, etc.

4. Check-In & Check-Out by QR Code

Via QR Code scanning with hassle-free.

5. Live Notification to Residents

Upon guest arrival & departure.

6. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Registration

Based on driving license to autofill name & IC number.

7. Visitor Authorization

Via Intercom to host HP & vice versa e.g. wrong visitor.

8. Overnight Visitors Monitoring

Easy to monitor & trace.

9. SOS Alert

In case of emergency, a simple touch on the SOS button can easily alert security for help and notify your immediate family members instantly. It is simple and safe.

10. Parcel Collection

In order to avoid mistaken of parcel, it is suitable to use our parcel monitoring system. Resident to present with a parcel collect QR.

Feel free to visit M4U Home website at

which provides M4U Visitor Management System Malaysia / safe entry visitor management system Malaysia (VMS) for a comprehensive set of features.

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If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact them at 1700 816 687 or chat on WhatsApp with +6012-429 8385. Their sales team is glad to serve and assist you. Thank you.

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